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Published Journals 9 to 12

Republic of Letters

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Emancipation & Liberation Issue 9 Spring 2005
Article Title Author Categories
Upholding Socialist Principles Editorial RCN, SSP
Tsunami - a act of nature and the laws of capitalism Nick Clarke Tsunami
Tsunami solidarity donations RCN Tsunami
Tsunami and the tourist industry Minnie Bruce Pratt Tsunami
Diego Garcia - Britannia waives the rules, Uncle Sam rules the waves RCN Diego Garcia, Tsunami
Iraq - A rigged election under occupation does not equal democracy Mary McGregor Iraq
Ireland - The December Collapse John McAnulty Ireland
Behind the great Northern Bank Heist John McAnulty Ireland
Declaration of Calton Hill Republicans Calton, Republicanism
The Declaration of Calton Hill and the Scottish Independence Convention RCN Calton, Republicanism, Independence Convention
Freedom Come All Ye Hamish Henderson Poetry
Full marks for Republican Initiative RCN RCN, Republicanism, Calton, Independence Convention
For an Anti-Imperialist Front John Mitchell Independence Convention
Galloway, the SWP and Socialist Unity Allan Armstrong Socialist Unity
Open Letter from SADP SADP Socialist Unity, SADP
Religion - a means to divide the working class Alan Graham Secular Education
Lilya 4-Ever - Tolerating What Linda Gibson Prostitution
Holy Cross - the hidden story Anne Cadwallader Ireland
Pariahs Jim Aitken Poetry
Highlandism and the politics of geography Alistair Livingstone Scottish History replies to Allan Armstrong
Discovering the Scottish Revolution 1692-1746 - A Critique Gordan Morgan Scottish History replies to Allan Armstrong
Letters Various Letters
Emancipation & Liberation Issue 10 Summer 2005
Article Title Author Categories
Make Poverty History, Make Capitalism History, Fight for Socialism Today Nick Clarke G8
Our day will come-Opposing the Imperial and Corporate Plan for the North East Atlantic Region Allan Armstrong Anti Imperialist Alliance
Leaves in Leith Jim Aitken Poetry
Human Rights abuses in Turkey Unsigned Human Rights, Turkey
Basketball rules in Palestine Dror Feiler Palestine
Learning from the General Election Mary McGregor Elections, SSP
Paisley triumphent as UUP implodes John McAnulty Ireland
Respect victory - a new dawn for the left JM Thorn Socialist Unity
The Scottish Executive's sectarian smokescreen RCN James Connolly March, Sectarianism
The British Left and the Irish Struggle Philip Ferguson Ireland, Socialist Unity
Helen Macfarlane - A Feminist Revolutionary Journalist and Philosopher in mid-nineteenth century England - A Review Allan Armstrong Feminism
For a Marxist Education Forum Mick Eyre SSP, Education
Consistently democratic and Vibrant Peter Burton Letters, SSP
Caught Between the Covenant and the Clans Gerry Cairns Scottish History replies to Allan Armstrong
A few thoughts on literary matters John Manson Scottish History

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