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Whatever Happened To ‘The Independence Election’?

Whatever Happened To ‘The Independence Election’? pamphlet is now available. £1 or free with Issue 15 of Emancipation & Liberation

Connolly March 2006

A leaflet was distributed at this years Connolly March

Connolly Bulletin.

Our statement on the situation in the SSP.

Connolly March 2005

This pamphlet was produced for this years annual Connolly March through Edinburgh.

You can download the pamphlet here.

September 11th & The war after the war

A New Cold War for a New World Order or A New Internationalism for Emancipation & Liberation.

This pamphlet from the RCN (Scotland) gives our analysis of the events and repercussions of September 11th. It details the tasks now facing communists, socialists and genuine internationalists.

£1.50 inc. p&p